Cardiology in Greenville and the surrounding communities can be traced back to Dr. William Algary. In 1974, Dr. Algary formed Cardiovascular Associates. He initially had just one employee who was his chaperone, secretary, nurse, typist, bookkeeper, and housekeeper. In October 1974, Dr. Algary performed the first cardiac catheterization in Greenville County in the new catheterization lab at Greenville Memorial Hospital. In July 1975, Dr. Charles D. Ross joined Dr. Algary and in July of 1979, Dr. Morris E. Williams, Jr. joined the group. In 1981, Dr. Charles Ross performed the first angioplasty, an operation to repair a damaged blood vessel or unblock a coronary artery, in the Upstate of South Carolina. By 1991, Cardiovascular Associates had added Dr. Douglas S. Head and Dr. John E. Cebe. 

In 1982, after completing their Cardiology fellowship training in Kentucky, Dr. Lawrence W. Freeman and Dr. Michael W. Payne formed Greenville Cardiology, P.A. Several years later, they added Dr. Gregory W. San and Dr. Ned D. Freeman.   

In 1994, Cardiovascular Associates and Greenville Cardiology, realizing their medical practices shared many of the same values, ethics, and philosophies, decided to merge and formed Upstate Cardiology, PA. With the merger came the first nuclear cardiology department to be located in a physician office in Greenville County. The introduction of diagnostics such as nuclear cardiology and echocardiography in the outpatient setting represented a significant improvement in the quality of cardiovascular care in the Upstate. 

Soon after the two practices merged to form Upstate Cardiology, Dr. Brad M. Simpson, who had opened a cardiology practice in Easley, joined the team. Since 1995, the practice has added eight additional cardiologists: in 1997 Dr. Steven D. Johnson, in 2001 Dr. Jon M. Bittrick and Dr. Barbara Moran-Faile, in 2004 Dr. A. Thomas Siachos and Dr. Christopher H. Smith, in 2006 Dr. Mark A. Grabarczyk, and in 2008 Dr. Matthew G Nessmith. In 2009 with the addition of Dr. Craig J. McCotter, who specializes in electrophysiology, Upstate Cardiology has incorporated a full service EP Department into the practice. In the summer of 2010 we welcomed Dr. Edward Stewart to the practice. The following summer, in 2011, we welcomed our second electrophysiologist, Dr. Richard Vest.

Recently, our Greenville practice moved from Grove Road to a 26,000-square-foot facility on the new Bon Secours St. Francis Millennium Campus. We have also completed renovations of our Easley office so that we can provide the same comprehensive array of cardiac diagnostic testing and treatment services in both locations. 

Our founding father, Dr. Algary, retired in 2003, but his desire and commitment to advancing cardiovascular medicine continues to thrive within our organization. In 36 years of existence, the pioneers of cardiology in the Upstate have experienced many firsts: the first cardiologist in Greenville, the first cardiac catheterization, the first angioplasty and the first office to offer advanced diagnostic capability to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. Although we have grown from one physician with one staff member to a group with 18 physicians, 7 physician extenders, and over 90 employees in three locations, we are still dedicated to providing the very best cardiovascular medicine and delivering it with timeless compassion and care.