Coumadin Clinic

To safely use the anticoagulant Coumadin (warfarin), your physician must carefully monitor and regulate the drug. Our knowledgeable staff consists of experienced nurses and technicians, who understand the importance of providing such a service to meet the needs of patients undergoing Coumadin therapy. The clinic operates under the supervision of our cardiologists. There are many reasons Coumadin may be prescribed, and our staff will work closely with your physician to develop a regimen that is appropriate for your specific problem. If you are started on Coumadin during a visit with your physician, you will meet with a staff member from the Coumadin Clinic for patient teaching. You will be instructed on medication use, dosage, adverse effects, and dietary interactions. You will also be given your next appointment to return to the clinic, usually in about 1 week. Once your Coumadin levels are stable, you won't have to return quite as often.